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The Benefits of Good Bridle Fit

We know that a well fitting bridle offers the horse optimum comfort, allowing the rider to develop a gentle communication down the reins. On the other hand, a badly fitted bridle can be a lead to negative pressures around the head causing discomfort and even pain, and may result in long term damage and behaviour issues.

It's our mission to help you achieve the best fitting bridle for your horse, ensure that the design fits your horse's anatomy & overall, suits the intended purpose & level of training.

We offer virtual 1:1 consultations to guide owners through our bridle fit process and offer a bride trial & aftercare for an affordable investment. Alternatively in person consultations are also available with our bridle fitting partners.

Bridle Guide

Book your consultation and receive instant access to our bridle guide and instruction checklist to get started.


Receive a 1:1 consultation with one of our fitters resulting in a full report and bridle recommendations.

Trial & Support

Trial up to 3 bridles for 14 days & receive specialist fitting support & advice.


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  • Copy of our bridle guide
  • Virtual consultation with our bridle specialist
  • Access to our bridle collection for trial
  • Fitting advice & guidance
  • Aftercare & online support

What do I do after purchase? 

When you purchase a consultation appointment you will receive and email with instant access to download our ‘Getting Started’ checklist and digital copy of our bridle fitting guide.

At the bottom of the checklist you will find instructions to book your consultation with us.

Where will the consultation happen?

We recommend a Whatsapp video call as this enables us to

If Zoom is not an option we can also offer Skype or WhatsApp.

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