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This headpiece takes its shape from our original Flexure curve headpiece which has been designed to offer maximum pressure relief thanks to its cut back anatomical design in conjunction. This headpiece also benefits from anatomical 3D padding which acts as a buffer at the base of the ear along with a central air gap which avoids contact on the last two vertebra of the neck. 

Thanks to the headpiece design there is no noseband strap sitting across the poll which can rub or cause pinching. 

The throat lash strap has been strategically integrated into the headpiece to reduce the bulk in the sensitive TMJ area and allowing for the noseband and cheek piece buckles to lie flat against the horses skin. 

  • English Sedgwick leather
  • Solid stainless steel fixings
  • Anatomically designed
  • Includes throatlash strap

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Absolutely beautiful quality

I took a risk and bought my pony a few new bridle parts after her 20 year old Mexican noseband started fraying (new stitching required). This lead me on a hunt to find some new leatherwork of excellent quality. Did the Henry James leather meet my expectations? Absolutely. Not only is the fit perfect for my oddly shaped Connemara x WB mare, the cut out over the poll allows more space for her frizzy mane to sit without pressure on the poll. It’s definitely stopped her incessant itching after riding. Did I mention that you can instantly tell it’s high quality leather the moment you unwrap it? The smell takes me back to my youth when you walked into an old fashioned tack shop with plenty of good quality English leather/ tack and non of the low quality “moderately priced” (yes it isn’t even cheap anymore!) tat that we used to grown upon. It’s become so much easier to find the cheap tat at a moderately priced range all designed for fashion, and rare to find the quality English leather. I honestly couldn’t recommend this enough, the headpiece is soft and supple, it instantly feels amazing to handle. Pony likes it and it looks to fit her perfectly around her ears too. Obviously I also needed cheek pieces (to go with the new bridlework) and the grackle/ Mexican I initially started looking for. The only thing I didn’t add from Henry James was a browband, as I’ve loads of sparkly ones that I love.
Thanks so much! I love my new headpiece

Excellent crown

This is my favorite type of crown. I’ve purchased several of them for my horses and they have lasted a long time, fit beautifully, and offer great padding for sensitive horses. Highly recommend! I find they fit true to size.

Lynne Collins Collins Earthworks Ltd
Comfort 3D Air Headpiece - Love it!

Horse loves his new headpiece, recommended by Ruth Fisher my bit fitting consultant, it has just the right amount of padding in the right place, shaped perfectly around his ears, not too bulky, like a lot of other "anatomical" bridles, beautiful leather, and came very nicely packaged, Also love that its compatible with the rest of my bridle, so my browband/noseband all fit and match nicely. (Now selling my very overpriced Fairfax which didn't fit his head/ears at all - brought by his previous owner! )


Fantastic service from start to finish.
Lovely soft leather and the perfect fit ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I bought individual.pieces to make up a Bridle as I have a Cob X. I have tried many different bridles and never got the right one. Not only is this a very good quality bridle buying individual pieces has made the perfect fit. Looks stunning! I am delighted and will continue to buy Henry James Products. Keep up the good work!